Sunday 1 October 2023

Jeremy Mackenzie Creates an Antisemitic Dog-Whistle, and Diagolon Becomes a Home for Neo-Nazi Recruitment

This summer I was really busy so I haven't had the time to write a lengthy thread about Diagolon but I have continued to monitor their social media and watch their live streams and take notes. Now that I have more time, their move towards more open white nationalism and Neo-Nazism needs to be written about.

A few months ago, Jeremy Mackenzie started using an audio clip of a loon call at various points during his live stream. Usually when describing conspiracy theories that he subscribes to.

These clips are the earliest I can find of Jeremy's/Diagolon's first use of the loon noise. He continued to use it, and other Diagolon streamers and supporters also began to make reference to it. This includes Alex Vriend while he belittles aspects of the Holocaust.

Here Jeremy uses to the loon call when describing a "global pedophile cult".
Here Jeremy describes a "cadre/cable" that controls things while using the loon call.

Jeremy uses the loon call when discussing CPC MP Melissa Lantsman who happens to be Jewish. Are we noticing a pattern yet?
Derek Harrison compares the loon call to "left handed Eskimos" which is a euphemism that has been used in the past. Alex refers to the triple parentheses as loons which is a symbol used by the far-right to reference Jews. So I think we can definitively determine that "loons" or the loon call is a dog whistle for Jews. Not a difficult code to crack but here we are.

This has resulted in a few people saying things that I believe should be considered hate speech. Included is a video edited by Dan Sleno that has Derek Harrison stating that "loons" "have to go back". This is a reference to a video that Jeremy made about immigrants where he also stated "they have to go back". Also see some of the loon references being used in Diagolon Telegram chats.

The creation of the loon call dog-whistle accompanies what I would suggest is a more open white nationalist dialogue within the Diagolon ecosystem. Derek Harrison shares an antisemitic video from Neo-Fascist author Devon Stack. That in itself isn't very shocking but Jeremy also seems to make some complaints about how segregation ended in the US. And the rhetoric he uses towards the Indigenous community is horrible.
Lately some of the worst rhetoric is coming from Alex Vriend. He states quite openly that all immigrants have to go back and that there should be no more tolerance and migrant boats should be shot at. He also refers to the government as an "enemy combatant".
Alex shares a video of a British woman going on a racist rant, threatening that tolerance will come to an end, and says he agrees. He also says that Eritreans need to be sent back.
He also states that they are like Nazis which.... well no disagreement there. Derek states that we've gone further than Weimar Germany and that the pendulum will swing back. Not hard to figure out what he means by that.
Alex also refers to people of European descent as "Aryans".

And the Diagolon community members are just as bad. These are all posts from Diagolon Telegram chats.
And not just the anonymous Diagolon supporters.
George Lincoln Rockwell
The 14 words
Greg Arcade
Greg Wycliffe
What is most concerning is that Jeremy and Alex have been telling people that Neo-Nazi Active Clubs which have been popping up around the world are a good thing.
Alex and Jeremy brush off the claims that Active Clubs are extremist groups but the concept was created by a white supremacist named Robert Rundo, who is currently facing charges in the US for conspiracy to riot. The Canadian Active Clubs are a recruiting front for the Hammerskins which is a Neo-Nazi street gang.
According to the Canadian Anti-Hate Network:

"In Canada, the Hammerskins have been in numerous street brawls, implicated in an assault on members of the media, and one of their members was accused of lighting a man on fire in the streets (before being cleared of all allegations). Internationally, huge swaths of members have been swept up in police raids for accusations of violence, another opened fire at a Sikh temple in the US, and their members are responsible for multiple murders."
So these aren't just a group of conservatives looking to be active and healthy as Jeremy and Alex would have you believe.
Both of them have started sharing Active Club posts on Telegram.

People in Alex's audience are responding to his videos asking how to create an Active Club.
As a result of this the Diagolon chat rooms are becoming a recruiting ground for Active Clubs.
Diagolon streamer Saxon Murray encourages people to join Active Clubs.
All of this coincides with both anonymous and named Diagolon supporters and streamers more openly displaying white supremacist and Neo-Nazi symbols.
Alex has been displaying a Celtic Cross, similar to that used by white supremacists.
Diagolon streamer Sarah Ireland has a Nazi flag displayed behind her.
A yet unnamed Diagolon poster with a swastika avatar.

The members of the Diagolon community will claim that everything they're doing is just one big joke but it's pretty hard to defend that position when you're openly recruiting for violent Neo-Nazi street gangs.

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