Wednesday 11 October 2023

Alex Vriend joined an Active Club

This is sort of an addendum to my previous blog post about how Diagolon is becoming a recruiting ground for Neo-Nazi Active Clubs. Alex Vriend made an admission shortly after I published it, but I had to cut it off somewhere because writing it became a bit of a slog.

So as the title suggests, Alex Vriend admitted on stream that he is involved in an Active Club. I had suspected this for some time, but I couldn't say for certain.

Alex claims that the creation of Neo-Nazi Active Clubs was inevitable and that it's the fault of the people they oppsose.
Note: it was not and is not.
I also find it interesting that the article he is complaining about states that:
 "White supremacist Active Clubs are growing exponentially — "They’re Who The Proud Boys Wanted To Be," one researcher says"
When a Ryerson Conservative event had to be cancelled because he and other Dags were planning violence in a live stream where he stated:
: “You know those Proud Boys videos we all love to see where they just march down antifa and start cracking them? Don’t you want to be one of those guys? It’s your chance … It's a prime propaganda opportunity for us."

Alex blaming others for the creation of Active Clubs is this comic come to life:
Alex says that he embraces being called a Nazi which he may as well get used to considering he has joined and is encouraging others to join a violent Neo-Nazi group.
Saxon Murray is also encouraging people to join Active Clubs so same goes for him.

After writing my last blog post a couple anonymous accounts gave me the old "You don't prove how the Active Clubs are Neo-Nazis" shtick.

"(Active Club creator) Robert Rundo, according to law enforcement, keeps a large framed portrait of Adolf Hitler in his room, and is quoted as saying, “I am a big supporter of the fourteen. I’ll say that.” “Fourteen” is a reference to the “14 Words,” the world’s best-known white supremacist slogan."

And would it be a Diagolon/Plaid Army stream without a reference to the Jewish Question?

I am happy to say that Alex is having difficulty recruiting other Dags to join up with Active clubs. Apparently the "just a joke Nazis" are not quite ready to become "not a joke Nazis".

Alex tells his followers to get in shape because "stuff is coming down the pipe".
Not sure what he's referring to.

It's concerning seeing Diagolon influencers encouraging their followers to join violent Neo-Nazi street fighting crews. This certainly goes against their narrative of Diagolon being "just a meme/joke".

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